Caskré uses Cubase by Steinberg as her DAW for mixing. Utilising a hybrid workflow, external hardware, and analogue processing when combined with high-end digital plugins allows Caskré to precisely tailor your music to deliver the exact feel that you are striving for. As mixing is a collaborative process and Caskré is always happy to involve you in the more creative decisions of the process.

Costs are based on song duration, track count, and the creative input in the process.

8-Track Stem Mixing
This is an option if you are largely happy with your current mix but still need small tweaks make to the delicate balance of the music before final mastering. If you are unsure what “stems” are, feel free to ask.
€100 per song incl. 2 revisions – €250 per day thereafter

24-track Multi-Track Mixing
This where Caskré takes your edited audio files and builds a mix from the ground up.
€175 per song incl. 3 revisions – €250 per day thereafter

48-track Multi-Track Mixing
This requires more consideration than a 24-track mix and likely require more discussion as to what elements to highlight and what is recommended in terms of arrangement and individual track treatments.
€250 per song incl. 4 revisions – €250 per day thereafter

Over 48-track Multi-Track Mixing
This will likely require much more of a production role and more involvement is in the creative process is generally required from the outset. .
€250 per day

Gilla Band, Paddy Hanna, M(h)aol, The Psychotic Monks, Yard, A Lethal Black Ooze, Sonic Furs, Heron Fly

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