Gilla Band

A long relationship with Gilla Band going back to their formation has seen Caskré assisting in engineering and producing their first two albums, the first of which (Holding Hands With Jamie) was named after her. Caskré influenced the band with her love of electronic music, (partly why they recorded their much-loved cover of why they hide their bodies under my garage) as well as being a sounding board and engineer during the writing and demoing process of their critically acclaimed second album The Talkies. Daniel Fox, Gilla Band’s bassist & Engineer/Producer learned the trade alongside Caskré in Bow Lane Studios and later in Asylum on Lower Abbey Street in Dublin. The two worked on recording and mixing projects together including Paddy Hanna’s Frankly I Mutate and —- The Hill, Altered Hours’ On Her Tongue EP and unreleased singles by Fontaines D.C. and Careerist.

Jamie was instrumental in the set up of Ballintubbart house as the studio for the recording of The Talkies


Jamie has been involved in M(h)aol in various roles since 2014, initially stepping in as studio and live engineer, eventually joining the band as second bassist, producer, recording, mixing and mastering engineer. Caskré recorded M(h)aol’s debut album which was written, produced and recorded in seven days in Yellow Door Music Studios in Dublin.

Desperation was also recorded in Yellow Door as part of the Debut Gender Studies EP

Period Sex was the latest single release from Attachment Styles

Paddy Hanna

Alongside Daniel Fox, Jamie engineered Paddy Hanna’s Second album Frankly I Mutate from pre-production through recording and mixing. When —- The Hill came to be recorded in Paddy’s family Cottage in Baltimore, Co. Cork, Daniel again asked for the assistance of Jamie to assemble the in-situ studio and to engineer the sessions. Paddy Hanna has since collaborated with Jamie for her own album.

Bad Boys was among the tracks from Frankly I Mutate to be used in the TV show Made In Chelsea

Gash Collective

The woman & LGBTQIA+ focused electronic music collective started by Ellen King (ELLLL) and Laura O’Connell (lolz) has been instrumental in providing a platform for female and LGBTQ+ DJs and producers. They gave Caskré her first opportunities to perform in 2016.

GASH TRAX VOL.1 was mastered by Caskré and released in 2020

GASH TRAX VOL.2 was mastered by Caskré and released in 2023

Psychotic Monks

When Daniel Fox finished recording and the creative part of the mixing for the Psychotic Monks Pink Colour Surgery they employed Caskré to bring the project to completion.

A Lethal Black Ooze

Gate-Crashing the first rehearsal, Jamie shoe-horned her way into becoming a member of ALBO by providing filthy basslines and a recording ethos which aligned with Andrew McGurk’s raw and naturalistic sensibilities.

Live at Aoilfionn  was recorded live to 8-track tape


Jamie assisted Rian Trench in the recording of Yard’s debut album. She has acted as something of a sounding board for the writing process, offering advice on composition and production techniques as well as being their mixing engineer.

As part of the recording sessions, YARD recorded live versions of their album with alongside video produced by Robert “Scan” Watson

Altered Hours

Alongside Daniel Fox, the Altered hours On Her Tongue EP was recorded in Bow Lane Studios in 2014. Jamie offered advice on synth sounds as well as recording the rhythm section and some of the guitars. The project was finished by Cathal MacGabhann in his own studio in Co. Cork a few years later.

On My Tongue from the EP was released with a video by Breda Lynch


Dublin based Music Ensemble released their Favourites EP in June 2023. Mastered by Caskré

Tau and the Drone of Praise

After recording, mixing and mastering two live sessions for Tau (and the Drones of Praise) Caskré has become their go-to Mastering engineer, mastering on Beithe for Roadburn and I mo Bholg

The Dream Awake concert for Roadburn festival was recorded and mastered by Jamie


Heron, Fly

Pre-production was done on Alexander Verdon’s debut album by Jamie and Emmet White in Yellow Door Music Studios, taking solo guitar and vocal arrangements and writing bass and drum parts across a few days before taking them to The Meadow where Rian Trench recorded drums and percussion. Further final guitar and vocal performances recorded in her family library were supplemented by electric and double bass recordings, mixed and mastered in Yellow Door Music Studios.

Naoise Roo

After assisting Liam Mulvaney in the recording and production of Naoise Roo’s Sick Girlfriend EP, Jamie joined Roo’s live band performing as textural support. She engineered Naoise’s demos for her second album Emotionally Magnificent and assisted in the initial recording alongside Daniel Fox, Rian Trench and Emmet White in The Meadow (Delganey, Co. Wicklow) as well as editing, overdubbing and mixing in Sonic Studios (Stoneybatter, Co. Dublin).

Jamie recorded and mixed Almost Perfect as part of a live video session with Naoise in Sonic Studios in Stoneybatter in 2021

Albo Picta

Experimental Electronic-Acoustic duo released Dojo In Two Parts mastered by Caskré

Music City

Caskré assisted in the production of Music City’s first singles in Asylum on Abbey Street Co. Dublin.