Caskré uses Wavelab by Steinberg as her mastering DAW, RME conversion and Tokyo Dawn and The House of Kush to help your productions achieve their highest potential. Redbook CD (16-bit 44.1kHz), High-Quality Digital (24-bit 48/96 kHz), DDP (CD image for pressing), Vinyl Sequencing and MP3 encoding are all included.

Advice on mix revisions, overall tonality, and album/EP sequencing as well as test masters can be requested.

Mastering revisions, instrumentals and radio edits are included in the cost until you are satisfied or for 100 days after initial delivery.


Costs are dependent on label support. Major labels are charged at full price, independent labels are eligible for a discount, and the costs for DIY/self released tracks are negotiable.

€50 per track under 10 minutes

€60 per track same day/next day delivery

Request a quote for Audio Restoration and Transcoding (cassette, vinyl, etc.)


M(h)aol, Gash Collective, Tau and the Drones of Praise, Gilla Band, Albo Picta, Glasshouse

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