Caskré is Jamie Hyland. Raised to a sonic backdrop of classical music, jazz, blues and ‘70s pop, she was drawn to music from early childhood. She was fascinated immediately by the technology behind vinyl records and vacuum tube radios, frequently investigating the internal workings of turntables, VCR machines, PCs, radios, and amplifiers.
At the age of 16 Jamie was introduced to audio recording and DAW-based music production. After joining the stage crew of The Salty Dog, she started assisting in Dublin’s Bow Lane studio where she learned how to operate Cubase, micing, recording, production and mixing techniques, as well as installing, integrating and operating a large format console (Harrison Series 12).

Jamie spent a year working as an electrochemical engineer at the Dublin-based vinyl factory, MLV, where she learned about vinyl production from the ground up. Frequently observing and assisting Marie Pieprzownik’s work as a mastering and cutting engineer, Jamie learned how to analyse and treat incoming mixes for digital release, how to prepare material for transfer to lacquer and how to visually assess the end result, how to prepare an album for CD manufacturing, as well as the whole vinyl production process from lacquer processing, to electroplating, pressing and sleeving. All of this has given Jamie a very keen eye for detail and an understanding of the technical requirements for the different mediums.

Jamie inherited her grandfather’s upright piano shortly after beginning to teach herself how to play the guitar. She got her first bass guitar from schoolmate Daniel Fox (Gilla Band).

Jamie found electronic music (triphop, drum and bass, techno, etc) around the same time as her first ventures into music production resulting in some very questionable attempts at mimicking Boards of Canada and Aphex Twin.

A keen interest in her mother’s 35mm camera and subsequent digital cameras have led to experiments with photography focusing on textural and tonal composition.